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SPHIRE 1.4 / EMAN 2.9

We are happy to announce the release of SPHIRE 1.4!

This release adds GUI support for GPU ISAC and makes SPHIRE fully compatible with TranSPHIRE, allowing you to create on-the-fly reconstructions during data acquisition.

As usual, this release is a combined release of SPHIRE, EMAN2, and SPARX.

What's new

The key additions to the SPHIRE package in this update include:

  • AutoSPHIRE: Further improved processing of helical data in Helical Mode.
  • AutoSPHIRE: Fully compatible and ready to be used with TranSPHIRE to on-the-fly create initial reconstructions during data acquisition.
  • SPHIRE internal: SPHIRE has been ported to Python 3.
  • SPHIRE internal: A wide range of internal changes, including:
    • multiple optimizations for improved runtime,
    • multiple bug fixes for increased stability,
    • multiple improvements for better results.

Documentation & Tutorial


The SPHIRE installer uses Anaconda, which installs independently of your choice of Linux distribution.

Find our additional SPHIRE tools here:

SPHIRE does not support Windows.
TranSPHIRE for automatated preprocessing

You can use TranSPHIRE to automate the cryo-EM pre-processing pipeline. When combined with AutoSPHIRE, you can also use TranSPHIRE to produce on-the-fly reconstructions during data acquisition (GitHub, documentation).

Installation instructions

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