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Display Data: Displays images, volumes, or 1D plots.

Usage in command line

e2display.py  input_data_list  --classmx=CLASSMX  --classes=CLASSES  --pdb=PDB  --singleimage  --plot  --plot3  --fullrange  --newwidget  --ppid=PPID  --verbose=n

e2display exists in non-MPI version.

The program can be executed in several different modes:

1. Browser window with more flexible functionality:


2. Display only one image:

e2display.py input_image

3. Display several images:

e2display.py input_image1 input_image2 ...

Main Parameters

Input files: List of input images, volumes, plots. Wild cards (e.g *) can be used to select a list of files. Not recommended when the list is too large. (default none)

Advanced Parameters

Show particles from a class: Shows particles in one class defined in a classification matrix. The options requires <classmx>,<#>. (default none)
Show class-averages associated with particles: Shows particles associated class averages. Requires <rawptcl>,<classmx>. (default none)
Show PDB structure: Show PDB structure. (default none)
Single image view: Display a stack in a single image view. (default False)
Plot 2D: Data file(s) should be plotted rather than displayed in 2D. (default False)
Plot 3D: Data file(s) should be plotted rather than displayed in 3D. (default False)
Use full range of pixel values: Instead of default auto-contrast, use full range of pixel values for the display of particles stacks and 2D images. (default False)
Use new 3D widget: Highly recommended. (default False)
Set PPID: Set PPID of the process. (default -2)
Verbose: Accepted values 0-9. (default 0)

EMAN2 Group



Stable:: Works for most people, has been tested; test cases/examples available.

There are no known bugs so far.

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