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3D Local Filter: Locally filter maps according to the local resolution determined by sp_locres.

Usage in command line

sp_filterlocal.py  input_volume  locres_volume  maskfile  outputfile  --radius=PARTICLE_RADIUS  --falloff=falloff  --MPI

sp_locres exists in for both MPI and non-MPI versions.

mpirun -np 32 sp_filterlocal.py refinementdir/main002/vol0.hdf locres.hdf locfilt.hdf --radius=28 --MPI

Main Parameters

Input volume: Path to input volume file containing the 3D density map. (default required string)
Local resolution file: Path to volume file containing the local resolution estimate produced by sp_locres. (default required string)
3D mask: Defines the region where the local filtering should be applied. (default none)
Output volume: Path to output volume file contained locally-filtered 3D density map. (default required string)
Mask radius [Pixels]: In case no mask is provided, a hard sphere will be used. Use radius of the particle. (default -1)
Low-pass filter fall-off [1/Pixels]: The program uses a tangent low-pass filter. Specify with absolute frequency. (default 0.1)

Advanced Parameters

Use MPI: (default False)

Pawel A. Penczek



Stable:: Has been evaluated and tested. Please let us know if there are any bugs.

There are no known bugs so far.

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