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crYOLO integration into the module system

This page shortly descripes how to integrate crYOLO into you module system. I assume you followed the normal installation instructions. The first you have to do is to find out your environment path with:

conda env list 

In my case it is:

cryolo                  /home/twagner/Applications/miniconda3/envs/cryolo

The next step is to navigate to your module files and create a folder for crYOLO. Inside this folder, create file with the current version number like “1.5”. The content of this file looks like this:

#%Module -*- tcl -*-
## dot modulefile
proc ModulesHelp { } {

  puts stderr "\tAdds anaconda to your environment variables,"

module-whatis "Adds anaconda to your environment variables"

set              root              /home/twagner/Applications/miniconda3/envs/cryolo

setenv CRYOLOPATH $root
prepend-path      PATH              $root/bin
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