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Line 11: Line 11: stack input_volume outdir --mode=viper --classangles=angles_file --classselect=img_selection_file --prjmethod=interpolation_method --delta=angular_increment --matchshift=shift_range --matchrad=outer_radius --matchstep=ring_step --symmetry=optional_symmetry --partangles=refinement_params --partselect=substack_select --refineshift=shift_range --outliers=max_angle_diff --refinerad=outer_radius --refinestep=ring_step --align=2d_alignment_method --display --verbose stack input_volume outdir --mode=viper --classangles=angles_file --classselect=img_selection_file --prjmethod=interpolation_method --delta=angular_increment --matchshift=shift_range --matchrad=outer_radius --matchstep=ring_step --symmetry=optional_symmetry --partangles=refinement_params --partselect=substack_select --refineshift=shift_range --outliers=max_angle_diff --refinerad=outer_radius --refinestep=ring_step --align=2d_alignment_method --display --verbose
 +[{{ :pipeline:viper:newprjcompare.png?600 |Projections of ribosome (EMDB 10028). Even numbers (starting with 0) are projections, and odd numbers are input class averages. }}]
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Line 98: Line 99:
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 ==== Files ==== ==== Files ====
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Line 109: Line 110:
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 ==== Bugs ==== ==== Bugs ====
-There are no known bugs so far.+2019/06/18 Strange behavior when the volume/image dimension is odd. In the meantime, will pad by 1.
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