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 Version: 0.2 Version: 0.2
-Uploaded: 10December 2019+Uploaded: 28September 2020
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 ==== Changelog ==== ==== Changelog ====
 +**JANNI 0.2**
 +  * Added support for binning. In case you recorded your movies in super resolution mode, but later want to apply JANNI to binned images, you need to bin your images during training. This now happens when 'bin.txt' file is available in the directory that contains the super resolution movies. The file 'bin.txt' simply contains the binning factor (like 2 for 2x binning).
 +  * JANNI now allows to choose between two loss functions: mean squared error (mse) or mean absolute error (mae). The latter is the new default.
 **JANNI 0.1.2** **JANNI 0.1.2**
   * Fix installation procedure.   * Fix installation procedure.
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