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   * [[:​howto:​download_latest| SPHIRE: Getting started]]   * [[:​howto:​download_latest| SPHIRE: Getting started]]
   * [[:​howto:​download_latest_cryolo| crYOLO: Getting started]]   * [[:​howto:​download_latest_cryolo| crYOLO: Getting started]]
 +  * [[auto_2d_class_selection| Cinderella: Getting started]]
   * [[:​howto:​download_latest_transphire| TranSPHIRE: Getting started]]   * [[:​howto:​download_latest_transphire| TranSPHIRE: Getting started]]
   * [[:​howto:​submissions| Submit a cluster job]]   * [[:​howto:​submissions| Submit a cluster job]]