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 +You can use crYOLO either by command line or by using the GUI. The GUI should be easier for most users. You can start it with:
 +The crYOLO GUI is basically a visualization of the commandline interface. On left side, you find all possible "​Actions":​
 +  * **conifg**: With this action you create the configuration file that you need to run crYOLO.
 +  * **train**: This action let you train crYOLO from scratch or refine an existing model.
 +  * **predict**:​ If you have your model ready, you can pick the particles on your dataset using this command.
 +  * **evaluation**:​ This action helps you need to quantify the "​goodness"​ of your model.
 +Each action has several parameters which are organized in tabs. Once you chosen your settings you can press "​Start",​ the command will be applied and crYOLO shows you the output:
 +It will tell you when something went wrong. Pressing "​edit"​ brings you back to your settings, where you can either edit the settings (in case something went wrong) or go to the next action.
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