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Batch Pipeline Execution
Run jobs that wait with the execution on each other
Display Data
Displays images, volumes, or 1D plots.
PDB File Conversion
Converts an PDB atomic model into a simulated density map.
RELION to SPHIRE Conversion
Convert parameters from RELION to SPHIRE formats.
Adaptive 3D Mask
Generates a soft-edged mask for a given volume.
Binary 3D Mask
Create a binary 3D mask, e.g. for focused classification.
Change Size of Image or Volume
Resample image or volume to desired pixel size.
Window Image or Volume
Window (pad or clip) image or volume to desired dimensions.
Moon Eliminator
Resamples, clips, and removes disconnected regions from a 3D map. It optionally creates a mask from the resulting volume.
Angular Distribution
Creates a .bild file to display the particle orientation distribution in Chimera.
PostRefiner (Single Volumes)
Enhancing the power spectrum of any single volumes (Single Volumes Mode).
Micrograph Movie Alignment
Align your micrographs using Unblur http://grigoriefflab.janelia.org/unblur.
Micrograph Movie Summation
Create an average micrograph using Summovie http://grigoriefflab.janelia.org/unblur.
Header Operations
Perform operations on headers of hdf or bdb image file.
Create Virtual Stack
Make a virtual BDB image stack.
Organize Micrographs/Movies
Move selected micrographs/movies from source to destination directory.
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