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 +===== Project Settings =====
 +The project settings allow you to set constant parameter values for a project. These values will be added to the given fields for every step in the workflow as default values. However, you might change them for every individual step if you so wish.
 +  ; Protein name : Give your protein a catchy name
 +  ; Micrograph pixel size : Give the pixel size in Angstrom
 +  ; CTF window size : Size of the sub-images cut out of a given micrograph for CTF estimation. This should be larger for data imaged at large defoci due to possible aliasing effects.
 +  ; Particle box size : Box size in pixels which should be used for extracting the particles from the micrographs.  ​
 +  ; Protein particle radius : The estimated radius of your particle. Note that this is RADIUS not diameter!
 +  ; Point-group symmetry : Point-group symmetry of your protein (e.g. c1, c2, d5, etc.)
 +  ; Protein molecular mass : Estimated molecular mass of your protein (in kDa)
 +  ; Imaging configurations : Name for the imaging settings you used (useful, if you have a set of fixed imaging conditions which you gave a one-word name). ​
 +  ​
 +  \\
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