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 +===== Import a star file into SPHIRE =====
 +In many cases, the best possible results are obtained by combining the strength of several independent packages. For instance, you might want to import you old data into SPHIRE or you simply use the powerful ISAC to sort your images.
 +Currently, SPHIRE does not support native parsing of files from other packages. However, to make the migration between software easier, we have provided a script called [[pipeline:​utilities:​sxrelion2sphire |]] that allows you to import a stack from a Relion-style star file. Depending on the information contained in this star file, CTF and alignment parameters will be converted and stored in the image headers, in a way that can be used later by SPHIRE. ​
 +Please be aware that this tool is not included within the core program, and therefore it is not supported as the other tools. ​
 +For usage information please visit the [[pipeline:​utilities:​sxrelion2sphire | documentation]] page.
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