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 All done! All done!
 +<note>During installation GPU ISAC links itself to the SPHIRE GUI and can be called from there like any other SPHIRE program!</note>
 ===== Running GPU ISAC ===== ===== Running GPU ISAC =====
-An example call to use GPU ISAC looks as follows:+When calling GPU ISAC from the terminal, an example call looks as follows:
 <code> <code>
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 ---- ----
 +**GPU ISAC v2.3.4**
 +  * Updated the installer to automatically link GPU ISAC to the SPHIRE GUI.
 +**GPU ISAC v2.3.3**
 +  * Internal changes only.
 **GPU ISAC v2.3.1 & v2.3.2 (hotfix releases)** **GPU ISAC v2.3.1 & v2.3.2 (hotfix releases)**
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